Resolution No. 001-2023: Amendment to Resolution No. 022-2022 - Creation of 2023 Committee Structure and Appointments of Committee Members - Weinstein, Pulliam, DeVoe, and Sosnowski 
Resolution No. 002-2023: Authorize Contract for Medical Claims Adjudication for Plan Years 2020 and 2021
Resolution No. 003-2023: Approval of Contract to Enter Into An Agreement with Lifetime Benefit Solutions to Prepare Documents 
Resolution No. 004-2023: Ratification of Permanent Appointment of Benefits Specialist - Kylie Rodrigues

Resolution No. 005-2023: GTCMHIC Update to Subcommittees for Videoconferencing OML
Resolution No. 006-2023: Temporary Appointment of Judith Drake, As Audit and Finance Committee Chairperson
Resolution No. 007-2023: Amendment to Resolution 034-2021 Adoption of Amended Invoice Payment Procedure (Replacing Procedure Adopted 12/5/2021), by the Audit and Finance Committee

Resolution No. 008-2023: Adoption of Amendments to the 2023 Budget
Resolution No. 009-2023: Authorizing Extension of Office Space Lease Agreement with the Town of Ithaca

Resolution No. 010-2023: Authorizing a Lease Agreement with 408 Upland Road LLC for GTCMHICA at 408 East Upland Road, Ithaca, NY  14850
Motion No. 001-2023: Motion to Advance the Proposal from Excellus to Audit and Finance Committee for Recommendation and Approval

Resolution No. 001-2022:  Amendment to Resolution No. 014-2021 - Creation of 2022 Committee Structure and Appointment of Members 
Resolution No. 002-2022:  Resolution No. 002-2022 - Authorizing Extension of Office Space Lease Agreement with the Town of Ithaca 
Resolution No. 003-2022:  Adoption of Amendments to the 2022 Budget
Resolution No. 004-2022:  Rescinding Resolution No. 009-2020 and Renaming the Catastrophic Claims Reserve to Catastrophic Claims Self-Insurance Pool
Resolution No. 005-2022:  Adoption of Open Meetings Law Procedures for the Consortium's Board of Directors and Committees
Resolution No. 006-2022:  Resolution of Appreciation of Michelle Cocco's Dedicated Years of Service to the Consortium
Resolution No. 007-2022:  Appointment of Clerk of the Board - Lynne Sheldon
Resolution No. 008-2022:  Adoption of Amended Online Enrollment Policy and Commercial Group Health Insurance Application/Change Form
Resolution No. 009-2022:  Adoption of Policy Regarding Reinstatement or Termination of Members
Resolution No. 010-2022:  Adoption of Business Continuity and Disaster Response Plan - 2022
Resolution No. 011-2022:  Amendment of Rate Stabilization Reserve Policy to Define Claims  
Resolution No. 012-2022:  Authorization to Participate in NYCLASS
Resolution No. 013-2022:  Clarification Regarding Participant Medicare-Aged Retirees in Relation to Municipal Cooperative Agreement (MCA) Requirement

Resolution No. 014-2022:  Adoption of Amended Application Process 
Resolution No. 015-2022:  Create Job Classification System and Wage Scale for the GTCMHIC
Resolution No. 016-2022:  Amendment to Resolution No. 014- 2021 Creation of 2022 Committee Structure and Appointments of Members - Appointment of Kate DeVoe to Audit and Finance Committee

Resolution No. 017-2022:  Adoption of Amendment to Investment Management Policy
Resolution No. 018-2022:  Approval to Secure Contract with the Segal Company to Commence a Parallel Premium Equivalency Rating Exercise
Resolution No. 019-2022:  Resolution of Appreciation of Judith (Judy) Drake's Dedicated Years of Service to the Consortium 
Resolution No. 020-2022:  Resolution of Appreciation of Richard C. Snyder's Dedicated Years of Service to the Consortium

Resolution No. 021-2022:  Election of 2023 Consortium Officers 
Resolution No. 022-2022:  Creation of 2023 Committee Structure and Appointments of Members

Resolution No. 023-2022:  Approval of the 2023 Municipal Cooperative Agreement to Include the Addition of New Participants in Section A 2 and to the Proposed Changes to Sections A3, F 5(G) and I 1
Resolution No. 024-2022:  Acceptance of Applications By the Towns of Camillus, Dewitt, Onondaga, and Hastings, The Villages of Camillus and Skaneateles, and the Dewitt Fire District, To Become Participants in the GTCMHIC Effective January 1, 2023
Resolution No. 025-2022:  Acceptance of Applications By the Town of DeRuyter, To Become Participants in the GTCMHIC Effective January 1, 2023
Resolution No. 026-2022: Authorize Extension of Contract for Prescription Drug Claims Administrator for 2023- ProAct
Resolution No. 027-2022: Authorizing Healthcare Benefits Renewal (Administrative Services Agreement) with Third Party Administrator - Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Resolution No. 028-2022: Adoption of Budget, Premium Rates, and Reserve Amounts for 2023

Resolution No. 029-2022: Approval of Adjustments to the Silver High Deductible Health Plan
Resolution No. 030-2022: Actuarial Value Standard Deviation Amendment 
Resolution No. 031-2022: Authorizing Medicare Advantage Pass-Through Benefits -Aetna

Resolution No. 032-2022: Amendment to Resolution No. 011-2020 "Authorization by the Board of Directors to Remove Benefit Plans from the Consortium's Menu of Benefit Plan Offerings" by Restricting Plan Enrollment
Resolution No. 033-2022: Directive to Prescription Benefit Manager - Medicare Supplement Immunization and Insulin Products Benefit
Resolution No. 034-2022: Approval of New Contract for Plan Consultant - Locey & Cahill , LLC January 1 to December 31, 2023
Resolution No. 035-2022: Extending Contract for Actuarial Service - Armory Associates- Fiscal Year 2022
Resolution No. 036-2022: Extension of Contract for Investment Management Services - Wilmington Trust Advisors, Inc
Resolution No. 037-2022: Authorization to Purchase Insurance Policies:  Errors and Omissions, Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Protection Coverage, and a Fidelity Bond
Resolution No. 038-2022: Authorizing Information Technology Services Agreement with Tompkins County - January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023
Resolution No. 039-2022: Authorize Purchase of Stop Loss Insurance for 2023

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