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Michelle Courtney Berry, of Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC is the first Wellness Consultant for the Consortium. Michelle will collaborate with liaison(s) at each of the municipal partners and will support partners in developing wellness communications and implementing worksite wellness programs. Additionally, she will provide wellness content and branding consultation for the web, newsletter, and other subscriber outreach materials.

An award-winning entrepreneur, communications professional, wellness expert and coach, hers is a trusted voice on the impact of stress on workplace behavior and job performance. An internationally-certified stress de-briefer, group conflict negotiator, and Reiki Master Teacher, Michelle has held wellness contracts with leading non-profits, top US athletes, corporate entities, and a global wellness business, among others. A formerly elected local official, member of the Ithaca College faculty, and a regional hiking leader, Michelle loves nature and using outdoor recreation as a tool for team building. She holds a graduate degree in Organizational Communication from Cornell University and a dual-BA degree in English, Literature, and Rhetoric and Political Science from Binghamton University. 

e-mail:  HCWellness@tompkins-co.org


Flu Shots Matter

The 2017-18 influenza season was a high severity, A(H3N2)-predominant season.  Influenza activity indicators were notable for the volume and intensity of influenza cases that occurred in most of the country at the same time.  Record hospitalization rates and high numbers of influenza-associated pediatric deaths also were reported.

What are the implications of public health practice?

Receiving a seasonal flu vaccine each year remains the best way to protect against seasonal influenza and its potentially severe consequences.  Testing for seasonal influenza viruses and monitoring for novel influenza A virus infections should continue year-round.  (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Blue4U - Your Connection to Better Health

Wellness Presentation by Don Barber, ED; Michelle Courtney Berry, Wellness Consultant; and Leslie Moskowitz, Mgr. Org. Dev. for the City of Ithaca.  Presented to the City of Ithaca's "City Administration Committee," Wed. Aug 15, 2018. 

The Six Dimensions of Wellness (Nationalwellness.org) 


A person dies of Melanoma every hour.  "The Scorching Truth About Melanoma"


A Person with Melanoma Shares More Here
Children Under Age 10 are at high risk for skin, eye damage from UV rays says Skin Cancer Foundation (ahealthtierupstate.org


Physical Activity: 

Benefits of Physical Exercise

Exercise to Ease Arthritic Pain
The Importance of Physical Activity for Overall Health and Human Happiness

Preventive Health:

Tips from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield on Preventive Health 



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