2019 Educational Retreat

May 30, 2019 - 3:00 p.m.
TC3 Sprole Conference Room 
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Tompkins County Health Consortium

The Greater Tompkins County Municipal Health Insurance Consortium began operations in 2011 with 13 Tompkins County local governments as its founding members. 


Don Barber speaking to Shared Services Panel

Don Barber, executive director of the Greater Tompkins County Municipal Health Insurance Consortium, speaks to members of the Oswego County Shared Services Panel at its meeting May 31 at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation (CiTi Oswego BOCES) in Mexico. In the rear is Oswego… READ MORE

New Medicare cards

Beginning this month, the Federal government will be mailing all Medicare beneficiaries new cards. This is the first time that Medicare is re-issuing cards.  Social security numbers will no longer be used; instead each card will now have a unique identifier.  Please encourage… READ MORE

Tompkins County Health Consortium

Our Health Care Trends

5th Annual Education Retreat held on April 26, 2018.

Presentation and Video… READ MORE

Health Insurance Consortium Logo

Congratulations to Zack Nelson (City of Ithaca) who was just elected to serve as a labor director on the Board of Directors. Zack joins labor directors Olivia Hershey, Tim Farrell, Jim Bowers, and Doug Perrine. Jeanne Grace is the alternate director to fill in should one of these five be unable… READ MORE

CanaRx logo

Over 100 Consortium subscribers use the CanaRx pharmacy for their 90-day maintenance medication with $0 copay. Collectively, they have saved $6,600 in co-pays. 

CanaRx pharmaceuticals cost less for the Consortium as well. Since we joined CanaRx in July 2017, the Consortium has saved over… READ MORE